Texas Capitol – Historical Landmark in Austin, Texas

As the capital of Texas, Austin is home to many historical landmarks. One such landmark is the Texas Capitol building. Completed in 1888, this stunning structure has been designated a National Historic Landmark. The Texas Capitol is worth a visit if you’re ever in Austin! Visitors can tour the inside of the capital and learn about its rich history.

History of the Texas Capitol

The original Texas Capitol was built in 1853, only to be burned down by an angry mob nine years later. The second Capitol was completed in 1881, but it wasn’t exactly a thing of beauty. One legislator famously quipped that it looked like “a cross between a vulgar barn and a cotton gin.” The current Capitol was finally finished in 1888 and has been the home of the Texas legislature ever since. With its iconic dome and impressive granite facade, the Capitol is now one of the most recognizable landmarks in the state. But despite its grandeur, the building has not always been well-maintained. It was once infested with bats, and legislators had to debate in the sweltering heat because the air conditioning didn’t work. Nevertheless, the Capitol remains an important part of Texas history, and it continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state.

Texas Capitol

What to see at the Texas Capitol

The Texas State Capitol is one of the most iconic buildings in the Lone Star State. Situated in downtown Austin, the Capitol is a popular tourist destination for visitors worldwide. But what exactly is there to see at the Capitol? Here are a few highlights:
  • The Rotunda: This central chamber is ringed with stained glass windows and features a grand staircase that leads up to the second floor. It’s also where you’ll find the famous statue of Sam Houston.
  • The House and Senate Chambers: These two rooms are where legislators debate and vote on laws. If you’re lucky, you may even get to witness a session in progress.
  • The Governor’s Office: This is where the Governor of Texas conducts business and meets with guests. Visitors can take a peek inside through the large glass windows overlooking Capitol Grounds.
  • The Capitol Grounds: Surrounding the building are 22 acres of open space, including gardens, ponds, and monuments. Check out the General Land Office Building, which houses a museum with displays on the state’s history and natural resources.
With so much to see, the Texas State Capitol will surely highlight your visit to Austin.

How to get to the Texas Capitol

If you find yourself in Austin, Texas, and need to get to the state capitol, never fear! Getting it is easy whether you walk, drive, or take public transportation. If you decide to walk, the best route is probably down Congress Avenue. Start at the south end of the street, where you’ll find several historic buildings and monuments. You’ll pass by the Governor’s Mansion and the Bullock Texas State History Museum as you walk north. Eventually, you’ll reach the Capitol, a beautiful building with a majestic dome. If driving is more your style, park in one of the garages around the Capitol complex. Once you’ve parked, it’s just a short walk to the building. Or, take advantage of Austin’s excellent public transit system and ride one of the buses that stop at the Capitol. No matter how you choose, getting to the Texas Capitol is easy!

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