Residential Roofing


The roof is the topmost part of your building that protects you and your loved ones from harsh weather conditions. When it comes to roofing, you need only the best in the business, and we are just that! Our skilled team can handle roofs of any size or height while offering experience and reliability. Whether it’s storm damage, storm repairs, emergency roof repairs, or roof installations, replacements & restoration, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction on all fronts!

Since establishing our company, we have always believed in maintaining excellent rapport with our customers by giving them quality residential roofing services in Austin, Texas, at reasonable rates. At Greater Austin Roofing, you get affordable prices, reliable workmanship, and thorough customer service!


Greater Austin Roofing’s expertise and dedication to excellence are valued by both builders and homeowners. For properties in Austin and Central Texas, our roofing services include completely new roof installations and replacements. Our fast response times and quality service make us an ideal construction partner.


When a storm shatters your roof, or a disrepair problem compromises the integrity of your property, you need immediate action. Our team can handle any emergency with care and efficiency to ensure that the damage is repaired immediately to prevent further problems from developing.


Our team knows that different homes have different needs. We are highly experienced in crafting custom solutions for each of our clients, which is why we offer comprehensive insurance coverage against any unforeseen work-related accidents or damages during the construction process.
residential roofing

Areas We Serve


Greater Austin Roofing is an expert in all types of roofing materials, which means that our team can offer you a customized solution for your home. Our services are guaranteed to be effective and durable because we only use the highest quality products from trusted manufacturers. We have worked with thousands of homes in the Austin Metropolitan area, so you can trust us when it comes to providing an outstanding service. Our professional team can help you choose the right product for your home by offering quality installation services at highly reasonable prices.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles continue to be the most popular choice in Austin, TX because they offer a cost-effective option with customizable color schemes. Our company provides a range of asphalt shingles with varying styles and colors so that you can pick one based on your personal preferences. We only offer the best varieties from reliable manufacturers, so you can rest assured that your new roof will have unmatched durability and effectiveness.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are highly durable, which is why they have been a common choice for residential buildings in Austin, TX. They offer a great combination of affordability and effectiveness, making them a favorite among homeowners across the country. We only work with long-lasting tile roofing products from trusted manufacturers, so you can be sure that your new roof will last for decades without requiring any repairs.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs provide a classic aesthetic look for homeowners in Austin, TX, who want to add elegance and sophistication to their homes. These offer incredibly long-lasting roofing solutions and are resistant to fire and rot. Our team of experts has decades of experience when it comes to working with slate roofing materials, which is why we can offer you an extremely durable and effective solution without compromising on quality.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are ideal for homes in Austin, Texas, because they allow the structures to breathe yet do not break under heavy loads. Wood shakes are an extremely effective way to add charm and sophistication to your home. Our team of experts has decades of experience when it comes to working with wood shake roofing materials, which is why we can guarantee you an extremely durable and effective solution.

Metal Roofs

Another popular residential roofing option is metal roofs which are known for their durability and resistance to fire, rot, hail, floods, and even termites. If you are looking for a roofing solution that will last decades without needing any repairs, metal roofs are a great choice. Our team of experts has years of experience with metal roof installation & repair services in Austin, TX, so you can be sure that our work will last for years without requiring any special care or maintenance.

Metal Slate Roofs

For a bold but classic look, metal slate roofs are the way to go. These metallic roofing tiles give you an unparalleled combination of strength and beauty that is perfect for upscale homes. With this type of roof, there’s no need to worry about your investment becoming damaged from strong winds or hail because these roofing systems are guaranteed to hold up well in all types of weather conditions. Slate roofs offer a variety of different profiles and thicknesses, which allows us to match your needs perfectly. If you’re looking for an elegant style that can also withstand harsh weather conditions, metal slate roofs are the ideal choice for your home.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam roofs are a great option for homeowners who want the durability and strength of metal but with an attractive style. These types of roofs come in different profiles and colors, giving you endless options to find the perfect match for your home’s exterior. Standing seam roofs are known for their seamless appearance, which provides them with superior protection from leaks and rust. These roofs are also incredibly durable, with an average lifespan of more than 50 years.


When it comes to your home, you never want to settle for anything less than the highest quality. Greater Austin Roofing offers top-quality residential roofing services for homeowners in Austin, Texas, or surrounding areas. We can handle any size project, from heavy water damage repair after a storm to light insulation work. Our team specializes in all types of shingles, flat roofs, metal roofs, and more! We have years of experience as professional Austin roofers who specialize only in residential roofs, so you know you’re getting experienced advice on your residential roof replacement, repairs, inspection & maintenance needs. 

To learn more about our residential roofing services, call Greater Austin Roofing today at 512-945-1205 for a FREE estimate on your residential roofing needs! Our representatives are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.


We Are Committed to Our Work

At Greater Austin Roofing, we are committed to providing our clients with professional workmanship of outstanding quality. We are sure that when you deal with us once, we will become your preferred service provider, and we guarantee to never let customers down by delaying deadlines and constantly keeping them updated on progress reports to ensure transparency and accountability between both parties involved.

Outstanding Services at Reasonable Rates

Greater Austin Roofing is a professional roofing contractor in Austin, Texas, with many years of experience. We provide both commercial and residential clients with outstanding services at affordable rates. When you deal with us, we promise to exceed your expectations and take care of every single detail to the best of our ability.

The Best Prices in Town Guaranteed

The roofing materials we use are of the highest quality, and at Greater Austin Roofing, we ensure that our services come with a guarantee of outstanding durability. You can rest assured that you will be back on your feet after weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy snowfall, and others only do the most minimal damage to your roof!

Fast Response Time & Quality Workmanship

Greater Austin Roofing always ensures that they are carried out as soon as possible and high-quality workmanship for our services. We provide fast response times, and we do our very best to ensure that we never let our customers down in the event of an emergency. Our team is professional and courteous and always available to take your calls in case you need us for any service.